The Builder That Does It All.

Design, Build, Host & Launch all in one space. Webqit builder engages technology to help you build like a developer with no coding skills required.

Stunning Secure Websites

Powerful Design Tool

Craft your Webqit website with easy drag & drop widgets. Create various layouts and versions to see which one fits your idea best.  

There are tons of beautifully tailored sections that you can add with few clicks. Come and try it now for free.

Freedom to Sell Anything

Create eCommerce Website

Do it the way you want. You have full control over products, discounts, orders, emails and many more. Build and grow your business with no effort.

Stunning Templates

We've created amazing new themes that are perfect for any online store idea.

Secure Payments

All transactions are encrypted and secure. You can accept payments with various methods (credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and many more)

Discounts, members and more...

Create promotions, allow member registrations and manage all sorts of cool features in our eCommerce platform.

Easiest Popup Building

Engage and Promote With Popup

Popup helps you reach out to clients, customers or visitors with information or products you don't want them to miss out on.

Create Members Only Areas and Sell Memberships

Secure Content Areas

Create Secure Zones to allow group of members to have access to various premium content.

Manage Members

Track and manage who have access to what page and detailed profile for each individual member.

Membership Purchase

You can even sell Membership access in the E-Commerce functionality. Grant automatic access upon successful payment.


And if that is not enough...

Blog Functionality

Simply & Easy Blogging along with Photos, Videos, Galleries, RSS Feeds, Comments, Social Share.... 

Automatic SSL Certificates

Our most important goals are simplicity and security.

That’s why all Webqit and third party domains connected to a website are automatically secured with a SSL certificate for free.

Reliability of Amazon Hosting

Amazon Web Services is one of the best cloud infrastructure firms in the world & you can be sure on their reliability.

Analytics and Tracking

Want to know when and how many visits you got each day?

Webqit Analytics lets you track your traffic, your most popular pages, where your visitors are coming from, what devices are they using and other useful statistics.

Website Contributors

Invite people to help with your project. Send invitations to contribute and grant individual access permissions.

Forms Builder

Build intuitive, customizable forms, either for collecting data, contact information or payments.

Multiple Websites

Create different trial versions and see which one your customers like best before you subscribe.


Connect your custom domain or get a free .COM with an annual subscription.


Free, super fast hosting with nothing to worry about. Just enjoy it!

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It is time to to grow your business. Let us help you be successful.

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